COMEDK UGET and Uni-GAUGE E will be conducted as a combined exam on 14th September 2021. Here is a list of most common queries that candidates have regarding the exam.

How many Exams do I have to attend if I want to apply for both COMEDK UGET and Uni-GAUGE E Exam?

Response: You will be attending one exam only. Previously these exams were being conducted as 2 separate exams. COMEDK UGET was conducted as an offline entrance exam in Karnataka. Uni-GAUGE E was being done as an online entrance across India.
On 14th September 2021, these two exams will be conducted on the “Same Day” during the “Same Session” and as “One Combined Exam”. This will reduce the need for students to prepare and attend multiple exams.

If I want to attend only COMEDK UGET 2021 or only Uni-GAUGE E 2021, will it be conducted on a separate date OR can I choose the sessions/shifts?

Response: No, COMEDK UGET 2021 and Uni-GAUGE E 2021 will be conducted as a combined exam on 14th September 2021 ONLY

If I opt for both COMEDK UGET 2021 and Uni-GAUGE E 2021 what will be the exam and counselling process?

Exam Date and TimeCOMEDK AND UNIGAUGE Exam will be held on 14th September 2021 as a combined exam.
Application form and Test Admission Ticket (TAT)Same application form and TAT for both
Score card/ RankSeparate Score Card for COMEDK with Ranks in COMEDKSeparate Score card for Uni-GAUGE
CounselingCentralized counseling by COMEDK at Bangalore. Updates available on COMEDK websiteApply separately with your score card to individual Member Universities of ERA Foundation. Counselling held separately by individual Universities. Updates will be available on individual University websites
Tie Breaker in case of Equal Marks and EligibilityManaged by COMEDK as updated in brochure and websiteManaged by individual Member Universities who accept Uni-GAUGE score card.
Institutions/UniversityCOMEDK institutions are separateUni-GAUGE institutions are separate

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