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With the advent of ed-tech, anyone can become a teacher. However many of these ed-tech platforms are failing to measure quality of the teacher intake and monitor quality consistently to improve the education sector in our nation. With Delhi government allocating about 22.5% of the overall budget for the education sector this year, the government is yet again trying to give importance to education. Improving the quality of education is the only way to reduce poverty and improve quality of life across the globe.

A glitch as you may witness are the way teachers are being compensated however this trend has been seen changing over the last decade; wherein the private as well as government schools have been paying a significant increment to good teachers. Though this ensures retention of good teachers, there is little that is being done to motivate youngsters to take up teaching or research professions in our country. Uni-GAUGE, part of the not for profit organisation ERA Foundation has taken a positive step forward in the direction to create awareness and empower a lot of youngsters to take up the teaching and research as a profession.

The Indian IT sector has been built upon a value proposition of high scale, low-cost labour which has allowed large companies to drastically reduce IT development and management costs. The future for the Indian IT sector lies in expanding its capability to handle high-end R&D work; the type of work that drives innovation and new products. In this segment India lags compared to US and China.

Such a major shift will require some significant changes in India. Let’s start with the education system. The entire IT educational system in India today is geared towards producing large quantities of engineers that can serve in the IT outsourcing business. Hence, the educational institutes focus on the basic skills required – communication and specific technology skills. When these graduates enter their first jobs they are taken through meticulously designed induction programs that continue to build on this foundation.

The rallying cry of ‘Make in India’ was launched amidst, several inhibitions among the world and at a point where India’s reputation was being questioned. This campaign urged business and industry leaders to look at the matter seriously. While the government is inviting FDIs and partners to enable this programme , we also need to scale up the pace of skill development for the overall success of the Make in India Brand. Research and development efforts within the country requires a totally different approach . UniGAUGE as an assessment firm has been keen on supporting this great cause by enabling production of great teachers and thought leaders.

Uni-GAUGE is an assessment platform under ERA Foundation. The educational rating and assessment foundation is a not for profit organisation. ERA Foundation focuses on educational assessment, rating and skill building in the higher education sector in India. We at ERA Foundation operate with a larger mission of enabling holistic improvement of the education sector through consultation and cooperation with key stakeholders including policy makers, education institutions, corporate sector and the student community. More Information about ERA Foundation is available at www.erafoundationindia.org

UniGAUGE is offering its Entrance examination for students, who are willing to pursue their higher education in MS / MTech programmes in some of the best institutions in our country. As part of a Not for Profit organisation, UniGAUGE is trying to help in the nation building process by encouraging a lot of youngsters to take up teaching or research as a profession. Interested students may register to receive our News Letters.

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