Top 5 Tips to Prepare for Online Entrance Exams

The world today is more connected than ever before. As we move towards an integrated digital presence, examination patterns are changing from paper and pen based models to online computer based tests. An online entrance exam can be slightly more nerve-racking than regular exams because students are traditionally used to paper-pen based assessments. Here are five tips to help you get ready for your online entrance.


Familiarity means comfort and, therefore, confidence. The more you know what to expect the more you will be at ease. And for that, we have one word: Practice.

Mock tests – You should have access to ONLINE mock test modules. These online mock tests will enable you to assess the time that you will take on an average to answer each question, understand the type of questions (multiple-choice, essays etc.) and help understand the overall layout of the exam.

Time management

Meticulous management of your time will help you stay focused.

Managing study times – Breaking up your studying time into small chunks helps concentrate more. Use time management methods like the Pomodoro Technique that gives you short breaks to refresh your brain. “I feel taking frequent short breaks helps me not just to focus but also retain more,” affirms Monica Sharma.


Cutting down smartphone usage – The more apps you use, the more you chat online late into the night. This will tire your brain and leave little energy for your learning sessions.

All the mock tests you take will also help you in time management. You will understand how to complete the entrance exam in the required time and be familiar with the exam pattern.

Read online

This might seem a strange tip, but because of all the digital devices we use, our minds tend to think differently when we read online.

We scroll often and eliminate large chunks of information while doing so. So, ensure that you are not ‘scanning’ when you take the mock tests. Train your mind to focus on all the information.

Remember that during the online entrance exam, you have to be looking at the screen for long hours. So, it helps if you have practiced before!

Prepare the small stuff

Sometimes, in the midst of all the clamor over taking the exam, we forget the smaller, critical aspects. If your online entrance exam is being conducted in a center you are not familiar with, make sure that you know beforehand how to reach the examination hall well in advance! Check on Google Maps the time it takes to get there from your home or hostel. Find out the different ways to reach there and be prepared to leave well in advance. You would have been already informed about the official reporting time for the day of exam. However, set your schedule so as to arrive at least 30 minutes earlier than the reporting time. This gives you sufficient breathing space in the event of an unexpected traffic jam or other unplanned eventualities.

On the D-Day-Inside your Exam Venue

Technical problems – In the rare case of technical issues occurring during your exam, remain calm. Don’t panic. Ensure that you inform your invigilator immediately. The invigilator will assist you in resolving the issue. Most computer based exams are programmed to automatically adjust the lost time in case of technical issues.

Read the instructions – Every online entrance exam has a set of instructions before you start the test. Don’t ignore these in a hurry to start the test! Take your time to read it carefully and make mental notes.

During the exam – Make sure you are relaxed and calm while answering, however difficult the paper might seem. Answer the questions that seem the easiest first. This will give you some confidence and help motivate you to resolve the tougher ones. Don’t get stuck on any one question. Move on and come back later to answer that difficult question.

There! With these guidelines, all you need to do now is take a deep breath and ace your exam!

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